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God Sized Dreams: Student Teaching

on August 21, 2013

Another moment of joy put in writing. . .

I rush from Teacher in Service over to my college halls on a Monday night. My old Suburban is burning oil and rubber as I rush to get to the meeting in time. The humidity is palpable and it feels as though you can reach out and touch it with the window rolled down. I’m listening to the radio, so very loud, and tears threaten. Things are a little tender in my heart these days.

The Director of our Education Department says, “Congratulations, you are embarking on the culmination of your education here.” All day long, I’ve heard about curriculum choices, state standards, and I’ve sat with wide eyes and open heart as teachers more experienced than I, allow me to shadow them and to learn from them. I’ve been allowed a bird’s eye view on the amount of time these educators spend away from home. I’m beginning to realize the weight of this decision; the support families offer in allowing wives, husbands, mommas and daddy’s to educate others. A million times over I’ve pinched myself. In my mind’s eye, I’ve seen me as nine year old sitting with my Dad, writing the plan for college prep. Life proceeded differently and I took a lot of detours… Culmination? This one has been a long time coming. In fact, after seeing the ten year high school class reunion come and go, marriage and two babies,  all of us dared not believe it would ever happen. I want to call my husband and my parents and shout, “we’ve arrived!” I want to call my fifth grade teacher and say, “thank you, with all my heart, thank you!”

I’m handed a handbook of requirements, more rigor, more checkpoints. Afterward, my Professors shake my hand, wish me well. There are offers of support and exciting exchanges concerning commencement. One Professor, stands before me and apologizes for cold hands. He says, “After 26 years of teaching, I still get nervous before crowds.” He spoke to all of us moments earlier about some reflection requirements and standards of excellence our State requires we embrace as teachers.  He’s one of the good ones, one of those seemingly carved out to instruct. When he speaks, I listen and I look for the teachable moment because I’ve learned from experience, its coming.  I reply, “I always get cold hands too.” You can see the feeling in his eyes when he says, “Because you care.” He’s been adamant from the beginning that his teaching students never stop caring. He’s taught me that the very best instructors approach it in this manner–as an act of service. He’s reminding me of why I’m here. I do care.

Its impossible to say what sort of impact I’ll make in two months time. I know my heart though, this is a gift. I’ll approach it in that manner. Student teaching has begun!


One response to “God Sized Dreams: Student Teaching

  1. Vicki says:

    Hooray! I’m so happy for you Tina!!!!

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