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Better Days Are Coming

on July 17, 2013

It’s been a rough week filled with oddities and out of the ordinaries.  My nerves, as such, have been wearing mighty, mighty thin. There at the laundry machine yesterday, deep in thought, transferring a load from the washer into the dryer, I began ruminating over the chaos. I spent some time talking to God about the why’s and how’s. I pushed the button to the dryer and listened to the hum, just allowing myself the pause to have my frustrations, perhaps, drowned out by the din.

What I got, instead, was a memory; a memory of hand written words on the back of a photograph.  The words written on the back were penned by my Grandfather and its those words that came out of nowhere and knocked my negativity straight on its tail. The fact the memory of these words came to me in the middle of my mundane and served to straighten me out, well that, my friend, is taken as a downright extraordinary.

“Better days are coming, Honey, better days are coming!”

Since, I’ve been resting on those words, letting them sort of unleash themselves in my mind and soul. My better self, the one that has a heart right and an attitude more reflective of light and love finds a compass in them. This morning it sort of hit me how reflective they are of my Grandfather’s character, forged on something bigger and better than himself. He believed in the Triune God. Believed so strongly that for years, he brought seven kids, all dressed up in their Sunday best, to a church where they would have an opportunity to hone their faith on the cornerstone of Christ. I wonder what he’d say as I make excuses for arriving late or not at all with precious two.  No, I don’t wonder what he’d say, I know he’d give me grace because that’s what people do who have visited with grace themselves.

When you are living in the light of the promises of God, you have every reason for hope, and words like my Grandfather’s become more than just another example of optimism, they become truth. Better days are coming, Honey, better days are coming!  Not because God will answer every prayer the way we think He should but simply because He is and He loves. . .


2 responses to “Better Days Are Coming

  1. Vicki says:

    Amen! This is my favorite post I’ve read in a long time! What an amazing example of Jesus’ love that your grandpa was!

    I just love hearing stories of how Jesus meets us right where we are and gives us exactly the encouragement we need.

    Blessings Friend!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! I appreciate the encouragement and I’m glad you enjoyed the writing. Think of you often, I hope you are enjoying our long awaited Summer!

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