Our Happy Dance

Joy in the day to day! Joy in who we are together! Joy unspeakable (1Peter 1:8)!

Friday Night Cookie Baking




We invited one from the neighborhood and one from school. Our Cupcake was so incredibly excited to have her friends over and she broke out aprons from her play stash for each to wear. We set up stations, one for cookie mixing, another for rolling, another for sprinkles, another for cooling.




Soon word broke out and we ended up with a kitchen full of kids, all eager to taste everything we’d bake. Then the snow busted out and began to fall and I wondered what I was gonna feed these growing children. Hubby and I decided it was time to give the pizza guy some good business. We ordered and they ate their fill of three pizzas and they left us half a dozen sugar cookies. Serious joy was happening here. Children running rampant through our upper level. Laughing kids. Voices raising, each louder than the other, with a new idea!




At one point, I heard, “We’re freedom fighters! We fight for freedom!” I smiled knowing my kitchen was all mine again. The cookies didn’t last. . .the memory just might.

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