Our Happy Dance

Joy in the day to day! Joy in who we are together! Joy unspeakable (1Peter 1:8)!

The View From My Coffee Cup

Sunday morning, the Star Tribune arrives. Not much good news; I read on anyway. I clip coupons. I try to work the first two problems of the crossword puzzle. Handsome Hubby makes my coffee and it’s warm and inviting and irons the wrinkles out inside of me. We’ll be heading to church momentarily. He has sheet music in hand, along with a bible and his guitar.We’ll be hearing Good News soon and good people will sing to the glory of a wonderful Creator and a matchless love.

Moose Munch is dressed up but refuses to keep socks on his stunningly gorgeous toddler toes. No bother. I love those toes and feel just fine about his need to show them off. Cupcake has dressed herself in rainbows. Some might say that her color scheme is a bit obtrusive but to the Momma who is distracted from her paper, it is ‘just right.’ She is ‘just right.’

I cannot describe the love I feel for all of this; this home, these people that make this a home. My heart swells with gratitude this Sunday morning just like every Sunday morning I’ve known since saying “I do.” Sunday morning comes with a promise. A promise that we can rest. We can begin new. We can be revived. We can face the week with hope and purpose. It comes with a reminder that God is holding it all and that He is holding me.

This is the view from my coffee cup.

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